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About Us



Our goal is to provide our customer with the newest, cleanest and safest inflatable rides. We pride ourselves on maintaining and upgrading our equipment and providing you with staff that is trained and certified. We are simply the best, not because we say so but because you say so.


​Event Specialists across the Five Boroughs and Metropolitan Area
  • New York City Department of Education end of the year Carnivals

  • Not for Profit and New York City Department of Education Summer Camps

  • Church Picnics

  • Corporate Parties across the Metropolitan Area

  • Community Events

  • Block Parties Communions and more...


Inflatable Rides
  • Assortment of thematic Bounce Houses 

  • Assortment of Slides both wet and dry 

Company Guarantees
  • Guaranteed to book your next event hassle free.


  • Guaranteed to beat any competitors pricing and provide more equipment.

  • Guaranteed to professionally clean and sanitized equipment before and after every event.


  • Guaranteed to supervise, hire, and train certified staff.

  • Guaranteed to arrive to a minimum of two hours prior to the start of the event.

  • Guaranteed to provide rain dates at no additional costs.


  • Guaranteed to provide any necessary documentation for insurance and certifications.

  • Guaranteed to plan all recreational activities for children on day of the event.

  • Guaranteed to provide you with the newest and latest inflatable rides for your children’s enjoyment.

  • Guaranteed to book your next event at the same costs each additional year.

  • Guaranteed to provide you with a ten percent discount and free a free dunk tank when you book your event prior to the start of the next Calendar Year.





“...demonstrates the ability to be diligent in their work and committed to making your event safe and fun for all children. This company has a high capacity for success. You get exactly what you ask for and there are no empty promises.”


- Dina Testa
Assistant Principal

“...affordable pricing with no hidden charges, no contract fees and always provides the equipment we need to entertain our children.”               


- Vera Micelli

PS 30 PTA President


“…arrives early and leaves late and provides professional staff to ensure the kids spend more times on the rides and less time waiting on lines. Parent surveys always say our Carnival is the best day of their Summer”                  


- Mike Riccardelli      
Summer Camp Director

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