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Welcome to Anything Amusing! We're an NYC-based rental company with a passion for heightening the joy of celebrations. We're not just any old event specialists, we're NYCDOE preferred vendors, meaning we're the trusted name in making school carnivals, graduations, and camps that little bit more special.

With a wide portfolio of events completed in diverse sectors, from school events to corporate gatherings, from backyard parties to bustling block parties, we're the go-to service for anyone looking for an exhilarating experience. We possess a unique ability to transform any space in NYC into a mini amusement park, keeping both the kids and the "kids at heart" ecstatically entertained.

What makes us stand out? Our vast, eclectic mix of inflatable rides! We're the wizards when it comes to turning a humble location into a wonderland of bounce houses, waterslides and more. Each one of our inflatables boasts top-notch safety standards, for your peace of mind, and tantalizing aesthetics featuring the latest designs, guaranteed to delight every eye.

Still want more? Well, we've also got you covered for those who crave a taste of the classic carnival spirit. We offer classic carnival games, high strikers and booths to provide that unmistakable, timeless charm. Our dedicated team ensures every detail is taken care of, from setup to pack-down, meaning you can focus on what truly matters, the fun!

However, beyond the rides, the games, and the inflatables, what truly makes Anything Amusing exceptional is our dedication to service. Our mission is to ensure every event we serve is imbued with an unmistakable layer of joy and excitement. We're not just about inflatable rides and carnival games; we're about crafting memorable moments, of creating experiences that echo giggles, cheer, and the purest form of amusement.

So, if you're anywhere in NYC and find yourself planning a party or event that needs an infusion of exhilarating fun, remember the name - Anything Amusing! We're all about making memories that last!

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